Not a happy camper

There seems to be not enough time in a day to find time for exercise currently. Starting a new job and having two little ones and breast feeding on top of things. I started relactating and had to stop all my supplements from max muscle. I will update you soon! I am still doing contortion,  yoga and zumba each day 🙂 staying positive regardless the situation 🙂



For any of you who are simply looking for something fun to do that seems to be helping me is zumba! Its a dance workout that keeps your heart rate up and is very unique. Its fun and if you have children they may like to dance with you :)!!

Keep smiling!

Time….as a young mother there seems to never be enough time. Time to spend with your children, not enough time to sleep. Nevertheless time to hit the gym. That’s where im at currently. I simply haven’t had the time to make it to the gym. I still continue max muscle stuff as well as yoga, contortion, and zumba each day.


Hello everyone, i truly hope that today has treated you well 🙂
As for my fitness journey, things seem to be moving slow but still progressing. Each day brings new and unique challenges for me to face with positivity and hope in my heart. Being healthy is the best thing i can teach and model to my children. Each day i want them to know that i will be there each and every day for them :)!

Physical change

A change in attitude now. I am more determined to keep going! I haven’t made it to the gym very much this week but still continue to do an hour of zumba, 30 minutes of yoga and 30 to 45 minutes of contortion a day. I am losing weight but not seeing much of a physical change yet. I have lots more energy and am very thankful for this opportunity. 🙂

Ready to loose!

Loose weight that is :)! I am not far into my eight weeks yet but i am enjoying this journey already. I am meeting with wonderful people who are so helpful and caring and ready to aid me along in my transformation. I recently met with Steve at Max Muscle who is fantastic and rely knows his stuff! I have learned alot from him and he made things very fun and enjoyable.  We sat down and made a personalized meal plan and talked about how the body actually works. We also took measurement and measured body fat ( They take this tool and pinch you to get an accurate number. Pretty interesting if you ask me.) They do this so that we can see the actual progress of your fat loss. I am hoping for good results. We also talked about supplements and i am going to give them a try 🙂 i have started taking them and i have more energy and feel no different than i do every day. I dont know what i was afraid of in the first place. I will be visiting every week or so to check my progress and change anything if needed. Max Muscle is wonderful and i reccomend them to anyone who is curious.
I have started to work out and rely enjoy it. Put on a great song and work it!!! Anytime Fitness is a wonder gym and i like that its open 24 seven! After running and biking i felt great..sweaty but great. I had alot of energy afterwords.
Now off to the gym 🙂 thank you for visiting!  I will update you all soon. Have a wonderful day and stay positive!!

Getting ready to begin!

My program has not started yet but i am getting excited to work out each day. I went into Anytime Fitness today and got my key and tour all done and am ready to get started. I will be contacting their personal trainer who will be teaching me how to use their equipment and give me any help and info that she can to help me. I will set up a time soon and will give you an update when i meet with her 🙂 the owner of Anytime Fitness was wonderful and was genuine to any of my needs and question’s.  I am looking foreword to working with this gym and seeing what i can achieve fitness and health wise.
As for max muscle walking in there today was a bit overwhelming with all the huge supplement bottles allover the place. I didn’t know there were so many options,  yet i don’t know how i feel about supplementing yet. I am going to try and not use anything. I will haft to return next week and do an hour long consultation to personalize a diet plan to aid in health and weight loss.
That’s all the update i can give you for now 🙂 as i am excited i am also equally nervous why? I don’t actually know but i plan on kicking but!  Wish me luck and talk to you soon :)!
Have a wonderful day 🙂